Why you should use explainer videos and sales videos to reach your audience

A picture of a video camera

Get a sale / explainer video!!!!

Studies by Cisco have asserted that by the year 2017 video media will account for more than 66% of all web traffic. The power and potential reach of video media is second-to-none. By combining images, movement, sounds and speech, video allows viewers to engage more deeply and on more emotional levels than with simple text or images alone. Familiarity builds trust, trust builds sales.

Wow Your Audience

Using video to enhance your web presence is not only effective, it is becoming almost a pre-requisite for all online startups. Video used to be limited to user-initiated interaction, to make the web experience friendlier for slower connections and early mobile surfing. Now, responsive web design allows for delivering a consistent web experience without special tools or expensive developers.

Having a professional video introduction or explainer video for your new visitors is much more inviting and engaging than a default home page with nothing but text and images. Even the simple act of setting up a YouTube account to embed videos on your site with video blog-style updates can lead to your site being perceived as more valuable than a similar site without the video.

An explainer video or sales video can increase your viewer’s understanding of your product or service by 74% – this is due to the fact that video activates both auditory and visual pathways in the viewer’s brain, according to research by Mayer and Anderson. Not only that, some firms have reported an increase in web-traffic of between 200% and 300% after using video on their pages, with visitors spending twice as long on these pages as compared with those without video. Clearly, video has the power to wow your audience so why not use it?

Boost Your Sales

You should have already realised that mobile phones are eating-up a greater amount of online commerce every year. Over a fifth of all videos are played on a mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) and it’s probably not too soon to start thinking of how smartwatches and glasses might affect this figure. If your organisation doesn’t take a carefully considered approach to using mobile-friendly video in the sales process, there is a fair chance that you could be looking at stagnant sales figures in a few years.

Conversely, by utilising a professional sales video, you could actually see your brand awareness improve dramatically and your sales figures skyrocket. In one study 80% of internet users remembered video advertisements they watched in the past 30 days and of those people 47% then went on to take further action relating to the product / service in the video – other studies show that video increases conversion drastically with retail customers 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it, and enquiries for real-estate increasing by up to 403% once video-listed.


In summary, the statistics and studies are very clear – video can be potent means of increasing your brand awareness and understanding of your product or service, as well as being an extremely powerful driver of conversion and sales. Your company will flourish if you go where the future is – and the future is video, so you’d be wise to carefully consider if and how you can incorporate the use of video media in reaching your customers.

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