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Why you should use explainer videos and sales videos to reach your audience

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Get a sale / explainer video!!!!

Studies by Cisco have asserted that by the year 2017 video media will account for more than 66% of all web traffic. The power and potential reach of video media is second-to-none. By combining images, movement, sounds and speech, video allows viewers to engage more deeply and on more emotional levels than with simple text or images alone. Familiarity builds trust, trust builds sales.

Wow Your Audience

Using video to enhance your web presence is not only effective, it is becoming almost a pre-requisite for all online startups. Video used to be limited to user-initiated interaction, to make the web experience friendlier for slower connections and early mobile surfing. Now, responsive web design allows for delivering a consistent web experience without special tools or expensive developers.

Having a professional video introduction or explainer video for your new visitors is much more inviting and engaging than a default home page with nothing but text and images. Even the simple act of setting up a YouTube account to embed videos on your site with video blog-style updates can lead to your site being perceived as more valuable than a similar site without the video.

An explainer video or sales video can increase your viewer’s understanding of your product or service by 74% – this is due to the fact that video activates both auditory and visual pathways in the viewer’s brain, according to research by Mayer and Anderson. Not only that, some firms have reported an increase in web-traffic of between 200% and 300% after using video on their pages, with visitors spending twice as long on these pages as compared with those without video. Clearly, video has the power to wow your audience so why not use it?

Boost Your Sales

You should have already realised that mobile phones are eating-up a greater amount of online commerce every year. Over a fifth of all videos are played on a mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) and it’s probably not too soon to start thinking of how smartwatches and glasses might affect this figure. If your organisation doesn’t take a carefully considered approach to using mobile-friendly video in the sales process, there is a fair chance that you could be looking at stagnant sales figures in a few years.

Conversely, by utilising a professional sales video, you could actually see your brand awareness improve dramatically and your sales figures skyrocket. In one study 80% of internet users remembered video advertisements they watched in the past 30 days and of those people 47% then went on to take further action relating to the product / service in the video – other studies show that video increases conversion drastically with retail customers 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it, and enquiries for real-estate increasing by up to 403% once video-listed.


In summary, the statistics and studies are very clear – video can be potent means of increasing your brand awareness and understanding of your product or service, as well as being an extremely powerful driver of conversion and sales. Your company will flourish if you go where the future is – and the future is video, so you’d be wise to carefully consider if and how you can incorporate the use of video media in reaching your customers.

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Web-Marketing Explained: Basics of the Main Strategies

Web-marketing : BasicsWhether your business is one that sells goods or disseminates information, knowing how to market your product is essential. That involves having an intimate knowledge of various types of web-marketing strategies that can be used to help promote your business. The four most common internet marketing strategies are: Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing (e.g. Google AdWords). This article aims to go through the basics of each of these digital marketing strategies, although in practice they are often interlinked and can overlap.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most simple and common strategies on the internet today. In basic terms, rather than relying on traditional advertisements to spread your message to the masses, Content Marketing relies on providing good-quality, valuable information and content to your users. This allows you to create a loyal ‘following’ thus expanding your user-base and allowing your business to use this as a launch-pad to drive sales. For this type of marketing to be used successfully by your business, you need to be able to produce new and fresh information and content which users find interesting, engaging and useful. Content Marketing ties-in with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as your content will be picked up by search engines and rated according to its relevance. Good content will often be shared via Social Media also thus tying-in with Social Media Marketing. By providing the best and most-engaging content available, you will have a greater level of success than your competitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When you mention web-marketing, for most people this strategy is the one that comes to mind. The aim of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to have your website appear as highly as possible on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) (usually Google) based on the search terms / parameters. Given that search engines place a great deal of emphasis on good-quality valuable content, SEO ties-in closely with Content Marketing, as essentially your website and all of the content that you produce can be made to appeal to search engines. This entails the proper usage of keywords, latent semantic indexing, and headers so that search engine algorithms pick up your content and rate it highly. However, good SEO also takes a number of other factors into consideration such as your website design and structure, indexing, number of links and social media ‘shares’ etc. The result is that well implemented SEO will enable your content will show up first when people are searching for keywords related to your business, allowing your business to get the exposure that it needs.

Social Media Marketing

Another popular internet marketing strategy is that of Social Media Marketing. If you are familiar with Twitter, Facebook and any other social media, then you already know how much content gets shared, posted and re-posted, or even how fast something can go viral. Your business can use this to its advantage for marketing purposes, by advertising your services and releasing your content on a page that can endlessly be shared and promoted. If you have friends, fans or followers on social media, you can have your page shared multiple times allowing you to reach people all around the world at minimal expense, and the increasing importance of Social Media links in how search engines rank their content mean that Social Media Marketing could also have a positive impact on your SEO strategy. Not only is this a relatively cheap and effective way of advertising, but it can also be relatively low-maintenance once it is up and running.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click advertising using Google AdWords or a similar platform, is a widely uses web-marketing strategy. It essentially allows you to bid on keywords that are relevant to your business, so that once a search is initiated using those keywords, your business website can be displayed in the ‘advertised’ area of a results page allowing people to click on it and go through to your website. In return, you pay the search engine / platform a small fee for every person that clicks through to your website in this way. This can generate many website views for as little as a few cents per click. In essence this strategy is one where you are paying for potential customers to be directed to your website.


These are some of the basics of the most common digital-marketing tools and strategies that your business can utilise in order to build its internet presence and reach your target audience. Clearly, a higher level of understanding in each area will result in greater overall success in your internet marketing campaigns.

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Good Website Design: Why it is So Important for Your Business

Website Design

The old days of just advertising your business in a phone book or in a local directory have long gone. With the increasing globalisation of businesses and the ability to ship products to just about anywhere on the planet, your marketing needs to be as boundary-less as your products. That is why it is absolutely crucial for your business, no matter how big or small, to have a well-designed website dedicated to showcasing your products or services. This article will take a look at a few of the many reasons that your business needs a website that is professionally designed to succeed in the modern market.

Customers Follow Quality

If you were on the internet back in the early 2000s, you most likely saw many businesses that had a pre-made setup from sites like Geocities. These were fine for people who had no idea what the internet was about, and was a good way for you to put your phone number and information online. However, things have come on a long way since then and today, customers believe that the quality of a business’ website reflects the care that they put into their work. If you have a pastel color scheme with a few, low-quality images as your website, then customers will be inclined to think that you are not proud enough to show off your work. If you have a premium website that is well laid-out and designed, customers will know that you are a serious, modern business that deserves a second look and, perhaps, their money.

Good Web-Design Keeps Customers’ Interest

It is a well-known fact that you only have a customer’s attention for a few seconds before they want to move on to view another product or business. If your website is difficult to navigate, they will leave and go to another site where the information is more easily available. By having a site that is well-organised and efficiently directs the customers to information that is pertinent to their needs, you will be able hold your customers’ attention, increasing the chances of converting to a sale.  So whatever type of business you run, a well-designed website can form a part of your sales funnel.

A Boost In Local Business

Another reason that you need competent graphical design and layouts along with content is so that you can use your website to capitalise on local business. If you own a coffee shop in your town, and someone wants to see which coffee shops are in the area, your website will appear via a search engine. As a result, the customer will be directed to your website to see what you have to offer them. If you have a combination of good products and a web design that is built to entice them, your local business transactions could rise significantly. This effect is multiplied when you consider the power of word of mouth.


Above are just a few reasons that illustrate the potential that your business has when it uses competent graphical designs and integrates aspects of proper layout. Your revenue, overall level of exposure, and profits from making sure this step of your business is complete, are highly likely to offset any costs that you incur to reach this level of professionalism.

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